One-Day Sports Climbing Workshop for 40+

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Dear Adventurers 40+,

We invite you to an unforgettable sports climbing experience that will awaken your inner adventurous spirit and rejuvenate you after the summer season. This is the perfect opportunity to gather with friends through active bonding and laughter. Additionally, this workshop can be an excellent birthday gift or simply a step outside your daily routine to celebrate a "fresh start" in your life. 

The Creative Life Association, in collaboration with experienced guides from Hiking Dubrovnik, is organizing a sports climbing workshop for participants over the age of 40. No prior climbing experience is required; this is your chance to venture into the exciting world of vertical exploration. Climbing is an activity that knows no age limits!

Date of the workshop: 21.10.2023.
Time: 12:30 - 6 pm

What to expect:

Safety first:
Experienced climbing guides will show you how to climb in a safe and controlled environment. Don't worry, we use a climbing technique called "top rope," where the rope goes from your instructor, securing you to the anchor at the top of the cliff and back to your harness. This technique allows you to focus on your movements, technique, and strength without worrying about falling. 

Fun team:
You'll meet people with similar interests. With good fun and laughter, you'll find it easier to push your athletic boundaries. Of course, with all this, you'll look fantastic in the photos! 

Challenge and satisfaction:
Feel the adrenaline as you climb towards the top of the cliff, and afterward, the sense of accomplishment that success brings will be unforgettable. Don't miss this opportunity – experience climbing and create stories you'll love to share. 

Register and reserve your spot – the number of participants is limited! For applications and inquiries, please send an email to

See you at Brgat!