Rock Climbing Lesson in Dubrovnik

Rock climbing is a whole body workout, builds your confidence, builds trust, trains your focus and helps you look great in pictures.

2 persons

117 Eur (882 Kuna)

per person

3 - 4 persons

85 Eur (641 Kuna)

per person

5 - 8 persons

72 Eur (543 Kuna)

per person

Rock climbing has become increasingly popular around the world for many good reasons, and it's worth trying it out! Not only is it a whole-body workout, but it also boosts your confidence, builds trust, trains your focus, and helps you look great in pictures. Additionally, it's an excellent excuse to escape the crowds of Dubrovnik and do something different with experienced local climbers.

A limestone rock just a 15-minute drive from Dubrovnik is equipped with sport climbing paths of varying difficulty levels. With grades ranging from 4b to 7a, it offers a quality day of climbing for various climbers, making it an excellent place to have your first climbing experience.
Your instructors will give you a brief introduction to rock climbing basics, safety, and equipment use, and they will provide you with the necessary gear, such as harnesses, rock climbing shoes, and helmets.

Our experienced climbing guides will show you how to climb in a safe and controlled environment. Don't worry, we use a climbing style called "top rope" where the rope runs from your instructor who belays you up through the anchor at the top of the climb and back down to your harness. This technique allows you to focus on movement, technique, and get stronger without worrying about falling.

Experience the art of climbing and create unforgettable memories during your holiday in Dubrovnik!



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