Rock Climbing Crags Dubrovnik

The best locations for rock climbing in Dubrovnik

Brgat Climbing Crag

Just a 15-minute drive from Dubrovnik lies a stunning limestone rock that's perfect for sports climbing. Equipped with paths of varying difficulty levels, with an average length of 12 meters, this crag offers something for climbers of all skill levels.

The grades range from 4b to 7, providing a quality day of climbing for various climbers.
Come and discover this hidden gem for yourself!
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Konavle Climbing Crag

If you're looking for a climbing crag near Dubrovnik, look no further!
Located just 35 minutes away, this crag is a favorite among local climbers and their friends. You can climb here all year round, but it's worth noting that during the hot summer months, the rock is in direct sunlight from around 11 am to 4 pm.
So, if you plan to climb during these months, we recommend starting early or coming later in the day to avoid the heat.
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